What Is A 2.92mm Microwave Connectors


2.92mm microwave connectors are a kind of electronic cable, which has been widely accepted as the standard of various application programs for many years. The 2.92mm microwave connector consists of a metal protective skirt with straight round pins. The skirt is strategically keyed to allow the plug to be inserted correctly and to prevent damage to the pins. However, the keying in all the original 2.92mm microwave connectors is uniform and may accidentally be connected to the wrong fit, which may cause damage. The introduction of mini-DIN prevents possible wrong connections.

There are seven common modes, three to eight of which have different five-pin connectors: 180 ° and 240 ° or 270 °. Sometimes use the 180 ° five-pin connector to connect the stereo recorder to the amplifier, use four pins to connect, one pin to ground. Sometimes referred to as DIN wire, DIN wire or din cable.

2.92mm Microwave Connectors

The 3 / 180 ° and 5 / 180 ° connectors were originally designed to use four pins to connect the system and one ground to connect analog audio devices such as stereo audio recorders to amplifiers or preamplifiers. There is a connection at both ends of the cable, and each pin matches the other.

5 / 180 ° connectors are commonly used in a variety of applications, such as:

The l control interface of the antenna line equipment

L serial port in the original apple IIC computer

L MIDI interface of electronic instruments

L DIN synchronous interface for electronic instruments

L connect the two controllers of the radio model aircraft

L audio equipment (such as the original HME wireless communicator) and inbound/outbound audio for the through train Restaurant

L keyboard and mouse connector of original IBM PC and IBM personal computer

The in connector contains several types of cables that plug into the connector to connect the device. Its architecture consists of multiple pins in a protective circular sheath. Generally, a full-size DIN connector has 3 to 14 pins with a diameter of 13.2mm.

2.92mm microwave connector is standardized by Deutsche institution ü rnormung (DIN) to German national standard. DIN standard is applicable to all kinds of 2.92mm microwave connectors. The term 2.92mm microwave connector does not refer to a specific cable, but to all DIN compliant connectors.

In terms of electronic products on computers, the 2.92mm microwave connector is called a circular connector, which is DIN standardized and used for Digital interfaces, such as musical instrument digital interface (MIDI), IBM at computer keyboard or mouse, and analog video architecture. The original DIN standard for older connectors is no longer printed and has been replaced by the corresponding international standard IEC 60130-9.



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